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Apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa

Visit the Department of State website for visa information.

Apply for a U.S. Visa by scheduling your visa appointment.

Official and Diplomatic Travel (A, G, C visas)

Official and Diplomatic travelers are generally exempt from application fees and the interview requirement, but otherwise follow the nonimmigrant visa application process.  Applications for official and diplomatic travelers can be submitted by the applicants or their representatives directly at the Embassy visa gate number 6, on any working day, before 12pm, with the following documents, which are explained on the State Department’s website.

1.    DS-160: Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application barcode page. 

2.    Passport valid for travel to the United States - Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your period of stay in the United States (unless exempt by country-specific agreements).

3.    Photo - You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. If the photo upload fails, you must bring one printed photo in the format explained in the Photograph Requirements.  

4.    Diplomatic Note/Letter from International Organization.

Domestic employees of Official and Diplomatic travelers (A-3, G-5) must appear in person with the above mentioned documents.  In addition, they must also bring their employment contract (view sample employment contract).

Personal Travel on Official and Diplomatic Passports

Individuals holding diplomatic passports may also be exempt from visa fees regardless of visa classification and purpose of travel, if they meet one of the qualifying categories. Official passport holders are not charged for official visas, but are required to pay visa application and reciprocal issuance fees, if applicable, for all non-official visas. In both cases, applicants are required to come to the Embassy for a visa interview on any working day, between 11am and 12pm, to visa gate number 6.

For questions or to report fraud, email us at or contact our call center.

Family Traveling

  • Family
    Families should apply together - even if traveling separately!

What NOT to Bring

Adobe Reader

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    All downloadable documents on this page are provided in PDF format.  To view PDFs you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download a free version by clicking the link above.