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Refused or Pending Visas

Administrative Processing: 221(g)

If your visa application was refused with a "221 (g)" notation for further administrative processing, please read these instructions before checking your case status below.

Please visit the Department of State Travel Site for information on administrative processing wait times.

Check Case Status Here

The Embassy cannot provide additional details on your case status. This processing is mandatory, and cannot be expedited. We will proceed with your case after the processing is finished. We cannot predict how long this process will take as it varies based on the individual circumstances of each case.

Visa Refusal:  214(b)

If your visa was refused 214(b), it means your application has been denied. This decision cannot be appealed. However, you may reapply by following the visa application process you used for the first application. Your must again pay fees and make an appointment. Please review the information in the refusal booklet you received at the time of your interview.

You can read more about 214(b) refusals and U.S. immigration law at this website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Administrative Processing and Refusals

State Dept Website: Classes of Aliens Ineligible to Receive Visas