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Administrative Processing

Please visit the Department of State Travel Site for information on adminstrative processing wait times.

Instructions for those who submitted a visa application at the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi

After your visa interview, if you were found temporarily ineligible for a visa you would have received a Section 221(g) handout. You can check the status of your case Status online.

Pending Process

Your case is still pending administrative processing. The Embassy cannot proceed with your case before completion of the processing. The Embassy cannot waive the processing. Do not contact the Embassy.

Contact Embassy

Your case has been processed and the Embassy needs additional information from you to process the case to completion. Please e-mail the Embassy ( and request the list of documents you must submit. In the subject line of your e-mail state your BATCH ID and then write "Contact Embassy." Submit requested documents as explained below.

Send PPT

You are required to submit your passport for issuance of the visa.  Submit the passport as explained below.


The visa has been issued, or the case is closed and no action can be taken at this time.


Document or Passport Submission

Please submit requested documents and passports through one of 11 offsite collection centers.  

Be sure to include a copy of the pink 221(g) handout with your submission, and mark all packets of documents "Attention:  U.S. Embassy - Administrative Processing.   Do not submit any original personal documents (degrees, mark sheets, etc.). Documents submitted will not be returned (other than passport and petitions). 

For more information: