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Offices and Departments

Regional Security Office (RSO)

The Regional Security Office (RSO) provides an array of security support at the Embassy in New Delhi and the four Consulates throughout India. The RSO office is comprised of a number of elements, including Special Agents of the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, a team of investigators, a Residential Security Coordinator, an ID Unit, a uniformed guard force, the Marine Security Guard Detachment, and bodyguards.

Our Mission

The primary responsibility of the RSO is to create a safe environment in which the US Government can carry out its diplomatic mission. The RSO does this by instituting procedures and countermeasures that decrease the possibility that our personnel and facilities be targeted by hostile elements. In addition to serving as the Ambassador's principal liaison with host country law enforcement, the RSO conducts both criminal and personnel investigations, assists other US law enforcement agencies, reports on incidents involving terrorism and crime, and provides security related guidance and training to Mission Personnel as well as to the American private sector. Finally, the RSO coordinates the protective requirements for visiting VIPs.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) was established in 1985 by the U.S. Department of State to foster the exchange of security related information between the U.S. Government and American private sector operating abroad. Administered by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, OSAC has developed into an enormously successful joint venture for effective security cooperation. Through OSAC, the American private sector, including colleges and universities, is provided timely information on which to make informed corporate security decisions.

Country Councils

OSAC Country Councils are an overseas extension of OSAC and provide a forum for effective communication between the U.S. Embassy and the American private sector in a given country. There are currently over 55 OSAC country councils operating globally. Country Councils provide participants the latest security related information, educational seminars, and organization when confronting today's security threats. For information on joining an established country council in your area or starting a country council, please contact the OSAC executive office or contact the American Embassy in your country and ask for the Regional Security Officer.

New Delhi has a very active OSAC Chapter that interacts frequently and meets on a quarterly basis.  If you would like information, or would like to join, please contact OSAC Mailbox -

OSAC'S Website

OSAC's website is the focal point for the exchange of unclassified information between the U.S. Department of State and the private sector in the U.S. on security-related incidents and threats overseas. Some of the information accessible from the website include Department of State Travel Advisories, Public Announcements, daily security related news articles, overseas reports on security and crime incidents, terrorist group profiles, significant anniversary dates, general crime information for cities and countries, locations and contacts at U.S. posts overseas, and updates on new or unusual situations. The website also provides a Constituent Forum that constituents can utilize to correspond with each other.


OSAC continually promotes the exchange of information on developments in all aspects of security. As such, OSAC has produced several publications for use by the private sector. The publications' format is designed to be used by the security professionals as part of their organizations' awareness and education program and can be downloaded from the website. Please refer to the Publications section to view OSAC's publications.

The OSAC Commitment

OSAC receives exceptional support for its initiatives from the chief executive officers and corporate security directors of many of the largest international corporations in the United States. Our goal is to support U.S. corporations by developing efficient and cost-effective security information and communication networks that provide the U.S. business community with the tools needed to cope with security-related issues in a foreign environment. OSAC's unique charter and continued success serves as an example of the benefits to be shared through mutual cooperation.

Affiliation with OSAC is available to any American incorporated enterprise with an overseas interest. OSAC information is also available to all law enforcement and public safety officials.

For More Information

Overseas Security Advisory Council
Bureau of Diplomatic Security
U.S. Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20522-2008
Telephone: 571-345-2223
Facsimile: 571-345-2238  

Hours of Operation

  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday
     0830 hrs.-1700 hrs.

    Embassy of the United
    States of America
    Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi 110 021, India

    Phone: +91 (11) 2419-8000
    Fax: +91 (11) 2419-0073