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Passport services require appointments, which are available for American citizens on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you qualify for passport renewal by mail, please visit Adult Passport Renewals (over 16 years). We are closed on American and Indian holidays.

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your appointment to clear security.  Mobile phones, electronic devices other restricted items are not permitted inside the Embassy.

Online application tips:

  • Complete the address fields completely. If you are in India, your passport will not be sent back to the United States. When you drop off your application, you can designate if you wish to pick it up or have it sent to you by courier to an address in India.
  • If completing an application without a social security number, you may enter all zeroes as a placeholder.
  • Expedite fee: You do not need to select the "expedite fee" option; passports printed for citizens abroad are automatically expedited.
  • Please fill out the emergency contact information even though it is not required to submit the application.
  • Print the form but please do not use two-sided printing.
  • Unless renewing by mail, only sign the forms in the presence of a consular officer.

Passport applications should be printed and supporting documents prepared before you come to your appointment.

For more information on required documents and the application process, choose your service:

Passport Documents.

A complete list of passport documents is available here.


Complete fee information is available here.

Passport Processing Time

Except in emergencies, passports are printed in the United States and take approximately 7-10 business days. Please consider this timeline when renewing or applying for passports. You will receive an automated email when your passport is ready.

CRBA/Passport Delivery or Pick Up

The U.S. Embassy is pleased to provide courier delivery services for CRBA and U.S. passport books and cards. This service will allow for timely tracking and fast delivery of your CRBAs and passport books and cards. Please carefully read the instructions below to arrive at your appointment prepared.

  1. At the Embassy, you will be asked to purchase a courier envelope from the FedEx agent in the lobby for INR 400. The fee may be paid by cash, credit/debit card or demand draft in favor of “FedEx Express TSCS (India) Pvt. Ltd.” payable at New Delhi. Drafts can be drawn on any nationalized or foreign bank operating in India. Drafts of co-operative banks are not accepted at this time.  Please provide your email id to Fedex to receive tracking updates via email.
  2. Once your CRBA or U.S. passport application is processed, the ACS Unit will return the sealed courier envelope containing your CRBA or U.S. passport to FedEx.
  3. Once your CRBA or U.S. passport reach FedEx, you will be able to check the status of your delivery on Fedex’s website using the air waybill provided by Fedex.  Remember, Passport book/card/CRBA are sensitive documents.  FedEx will deliver your passport book/card ONLY on verifying the old canceled passport, so please be ready to show.  For CRBA and citizenship documents, please be ready to provide parents ID’s to facilitate smooth delivery of your courier.

If you opt to pick up your CRBA/Passport in person, you may do so between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. You do not need an appointment to pick up your CRBA or U.S. passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a U.S. passport in India? Please read information on obtaining U.S. passports in India.

What is a biometric passport? An e-passport? A biometric passport is a passport that has a digital photo instead of one that is glued on.  An e-passport has a micro-chip that can be read by special equipment to confirm the data printed on the passport.

How long it will take to process my passport application? How long does it take to get a passport?  An application for a full-validity (ten years for adults; five years for children under age 16) or second passport will be sent to the United States for printing with a secure, photo-digitized image of the bearer.  You should allow 15 working days for your application to be processed.  An application for extra pages to be added to a valid passport is usually done on the same day.

I need a passport in an emergency. What can I do?If you are traveling within 15 working days, you may apply for a limited-validity emergency passport. Please see U.S. passports information.  Each case will be evaluated at the time of the application.  Emergency passports can be issued for a maximum of one year.

I downloaded the passport forms and noticed that the instructions on the forms are different from those on this website.  Which should I follow?You should disregard the instructions on the passport forms as they refer specifically to passport applications processed in the United States.  You will fill out the same form but should follow the instructions on this website.

Can I apply for a U.S. passport at any consular post in India?  Each American Citizen Services Unit has responsibility over an area in India.  Please click here to verify at which consular post you may apply for your passport.

Can I hold more than one passport or nationality?  Yes.  In the 1980's, the Supreme Court ruled that citizenship is a constitutional right that cannot be taken away from a citizen who does not intend to relinquish it.  Therefore, such actions as naturalization in a foreign country, employment with a foreign government, and/or voting in a foreign election do not automatically jeopardize American citizenship.

I am an American citizen, but also have a foreign passport. Can I use my foreign passport to travel to the United States?No.  Under U.S. law, U.S. citizens must be in possession of a valid U.S. passport to enter or leave the United States.  This is true even if you hold a passport from another country.  If your U.S. passport has been lost or stolen, or if it has expired, you must apply to replace it before traveling to the United States.

I travel frequently and my passport is always at some embassy/consulate to obtain a visa.  Can I get a second passport?Current regulations reflect the long standing policy of the Department of State that no person should be in possession of more than one valid, or potentially valid, passport at any one time unless under circumstances specifically authorized by the Secretary of State.  The issuance of a second, concurrently valid passport should be considered an exception to the regulations, and is to be approved on an individual basis only where justified.  The validity of a regular American passport is ten (10) years.  The second, concurrently valid passport will be limited in validity for two (2) years.

I just got my new passport back and there's a mistake in it. What do I do?Contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you submitted your passport application as soon as possible.

My name changed while living in India.  Do I have to notify the Embassy or the State Department?  There is no requirement to inform us of a name change.  However, if you wish to have your name changed in your passport, you can do so by applying for a new passport.


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General information about U.S. passports is available here.

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